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Assistant Professor
Dept of Immunology
Center for Excellence in Genomic Sciences
School of Biological Sciences
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai 625 021


RESEARCH AREAS:                

Molecular Immunology
Immunology of Infectious Diseases – HIV,HBV
Pathogen Diversity –HIV,HBV
Transplantation Immunology


Contact Details:

Email: jayalakshmimk11@yahoo.com
Phone : 0452-2458269,09865326996



  • Recipient of Ratriya Gaurav Award 2010
  • Innovative Teaching award -Madurai Kamaraj University 2009
  • I Rank Holder, Gold Medalist- B.Sc , M.Sc, M.Phil -Manonmaniam  Sundaranar University

Service to the society:
Involved in rendering tissue typing service for transplantation patients.


Research Interests:
Our team is working on unraveling the  molecular aspects of  immune system function in health and disease at the  molecular, cellular and functional levels of innate and acquired immunity.
Research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Genetic risk factors for complex immunologically mediated disease
  • Molecular pathogenesis of complex infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, and HBV
  • KIR gene complex polymorphism
  • Major Histocompatibility Complex
  • Cytokine biology and molecular genetics



  • Principal Investigator: UGC Major Research Project: Association of KIR Genotypes And Haplotypes With Susceptibility To or Clearance of HBV Infection In South Indian Population 2011-2013
  • Principal Investigator “Carrier status in viral infection-Hepatitis B virus and HIV. UGC-Center for Excellence in Genomic Sciences”2007-2012
  • Co-Investigator“Genographic- India”Funded by National Geographic society and Waitt family foundation 2006-2011


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