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Dr. K. Jayakumar


Assistant Professor
Centre for Excellence in Genomic Sciences
Department of Animal Behavior and Physiology
School of Biological Sciences
Madurai Kamaraj University
Madurai-625 021, India.
E-mail: skjkumar@hotmail.com, kjkkumar@yahoo.com
Ph: +91 9865819728; 9487259728

My present research focus is mainly on drug discovery for novel compounds of therapeutic value for major human ailments from coastal living resources. Coastal organisms like coral reefs are of economic and environmental significance and often been subjected to anthropogenic and natural perturbations causing great concern today. Since ocean is the last frontier for mankind to exploit natural resources of all kind, It is very much imperative to understand the systems like behaviour, biology and evolutionary genomics of corals and associated organisms towards its interacting environmental variables thoroughly before judicious exploitation. My research over a decade focused on understanding the coastal ecosystem how human activities and natural factors affect the coral reef ecosystem in the Gulf of Mannar and adjacent Palk Bay, besides continuous monitoring of the changes encountered by these corals and associated organisms.


 Honors and Awards:

  • Post Doctoral Fellowship - University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA.

  • Research Associate - Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences - Department of Atomic Energy, India.

  • Senior Research Fellow - Department of Ocean Development, Government of India.  


  • Open Water SCUBA Diver - Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), Australia.

  • International Society for Reef Studies, USA.

Research Interest:

  • Embryonic stem cell biology.

  • Novel drugs of therapeutic value from marine organisms.

  • Evolutionary genomics and systems biology of coral reefs.

  • Behavioral and molecular ecology of marine fauna.

  • Long term In-situ bio-physical monitoring of scleractinian and non-scleractinian corals and associated organisms.

  • Climate change - El~Nino related coral bleaching, recovery mechanisms and coral disease dynamics.

Research Works Involved:

  1. Transfection studies using embryonic stem cells.

  2. The role of adaptive evolution and coral-specific genes in molecular mechanisms of bleaching and stress (molecular mechanisms of stress in tropical coastal marine systems).

  3. Genetic diversity and population structure in Acropora and non-Acropora corals, associated microbes and fishes.

  4. Baseline Studies on the Corals of the Coastal areas off Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu.

  5. Post-tsunami (2004) impact and recovery of corals and associated fauna in the Gulf of Mannar and adjacent Palk Bay, southeast coast of India.

  6. Assessment of the Impact of the 1998 El~Nino Southern Oscillation Related Coral Bleaching and their Recovery in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay.

  7. Monitoring Coral Reef Environments in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay

  8. A pilot Study -Rapid Assessment of the Extent of Coral Bleaching 1998.

  9. Critical Habitat Assessment of Ornamental Fishes inhabiting Coral Reef Habitats of the 21 islands in the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve.

  10. situ observations on the Underwater Biology of Coral reefs and their Associated Fauna in the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere, Southeast Coast of India.  

Paper presentation at International Conference:

  • Presented a research paper on the “Susceptibilities of the Coral Species to Recurrent Coral Bleaching Phenomenon in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay, Southeast Coast of India”, at the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium held at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America during 7th to 11th July 2008.

Research Publications:

  1. Jayakumar, K and C. Kandeepan. 2009. Effect of pesticides on the growth and oxygen consumption in the tadpole of Bufo bufo. J. Eco. Bio. 25: 111-119.

  1. Jayakumar, K and C. Kandeepan. 2009. Impact of the pesticides on the biochemical constituents of the non-target organism Bufo bufo Tadpoles.       J. Ecotox. & Envi. Monitoring. 19: 487-495.

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Book chapter:

  1. Kumaraguru, A.K., K. Jayakumar, J.J. Wilson and N. Marimuthu. 2005. Coral reef ecosystems of Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay. p.33-34. In. Preliminary assessment of impact of Tsunami in selected coastal areas of India. Compiled by the Department of Ocean Development (ICMAM), Government of India. pp.42.

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