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Project Faculty
UGC-Networking Resource Centre in Biological Sciences 
School of Biological Sciences 
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai 625 021  
Phone No: 0452-2458212
Email: mahalakshmi2006@gmail.com, mahalakshmi@nrcbsmku.org

Area of Research

  • Agricultural Biotechnology: Bio-based pesticides: Characterization and its Applications
  • Exploration of therapeutic Opportunities in the Human Microbiome.


Ranks and Awards

  • B.Sc.  Certificate Prize for Consistent Academic Performance
  • M.Sc- UGC-NET Qualified for JRF and Lecturership
  • Received CSIR Travel Grant for Young scientists to present research paper in International Symposium on Biocontrol and Biotechnology at Wuhan, China.
  • Best paper award in the National Seminar on Emerging trends and developments in Bioinformatics at GRD College, Coimbatore.


  • A.Mahalakshmi   and R.Shenbagarathai (2010) Insilico sequence analysis of Parasporin2 sequences of non-toxic Bacillus thuringiensis isolates. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering.Vol 3: 415-421.
  • A.Mahalakshmi   and R.Shenbagarathai (2010) Homology modeling of Cry10Aa. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.  Vol. 28 (3):363-78.
  • K.Sujatha, A.Mahalakshmi, D.K.Y.Solaiman and R.Shenbagarathai (2009).  Sequence Analysis Structure Prediction and Functional Validation of phaC1/phaC2 Genes of Pseudomonas sp. LDC-25 and Its Importance in Polyhydroxyalkanoate Accumulation. .  Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. Vol. 26 (6):  771-780.     
  • A.Mahalakshmi, K.Sujatha and R.Shenbagarathai (2008). Molecular modeling and characterization of Bacillus thurigiensis Bt LDC-9 cytolytic proteins. Journal of Bio Molecular Structure and Dynamics. Vol 26 (3): 273-402. 
  • K.Sujatha, A.Mahalakshmi and R.Shenbagarathai (2007). Molecular characterization of Pseudomonas sp. LDC-5 involved in accumulation of Poly 3-hydroxybutyrate and Medium- Chain-Length poly - 3-Hydroxyalkanoates. Archives of Microbiology. 188: 451-462.   
  • K.Sujatha, A.Mahalakshmi and R.Shenbagarathai (2005). A Study on the accumulation of PHB in the native isolates Pseudomonas (LDC-5 & LDC-25). Indian Journal of Biotechnology. Vol. 4: 216 – 221. 
  • K.Sujatha, R.Shenbagarathai and A.Mahalakshmi (2005). Analysis of PCR products for PHB production in indigenous Pseudomonas sp. LDC-5. Indian Journal of Biotechnology. Vol 4: 323 – 335.   
  • K.Sujatha, R.Shenbagarathai and A.Mahalakshmi (2005). Production of polyhydroxy butyrate by Pseudomonas sp. isolated from native environment (Madurai district). E-polymer. Conference paper section: ID No: P_017.   
  • A.Mahalakshmi, R.Shenbagarathai and K.Sujatha (2005). ITS and REP based identification of Novel Indigenous B.thuuringiensis strains from Madurai district. Indian Journal of Experimental biology. Vol 43: 414-419.   
  • A.Mahalakshmi, K.Sujatha and R.Shenbagarathai (2004). Study of native Bacillus thuringiensis isolates and analysis of its effect on spodoptera litura. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences. Vol. 6( 4): 641 – 645.   
  • K.Sujatha, A.Mahalakshmi and Shenbagarathai.R (2003). Biotransformation of kitchen waste by earthworm and microbe interactions and its effect on the growth of tomato [Lycopersicum esculentum] and Chilli [Capsicum annum]. Nature Environment and Pollution Technology. Vol.2:53-56.   
  • R.Shenbagarathai, K.Sujatha, A.Mahalakshmi and R.Shanthi Nalini (2003). Effect of Native isolates of Azotobacter Species on Chilly (Capsicum annum). J.Microb.World. 5(2) :117-119.         

Book Chapters:

K. Sujatha, V. Gangadevi,  A.Mahalakshmi,P. Gunasekaran and R.Shenbagarathai (2010).  Identification and Taxonomical Characterization of Potential Polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulating strains isolated from Madurai Dt., Tamilnadu, India. In press.

Sequences submitted to EMBL -28; Structures submitted to PDB/PMDB-17;