Research Areas

 Faculty Member Designation and Department Research Areas Current Research Directions / Research Specialization
Dr. G. Kumaresan  Professor, Head & Chairperson, Department of Genetics Cancer Genomics

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Cellular Genomics
Molecular Cell Biology

Functional Genomics

Drug Screening and target identification 

Development of cancer sub-stratification and targeting schemes by integrative genomics approaches

Identification of novel targeted cancer therapeutics by drug repurpose screening and integrative functional genomics

Characterization of drugs for the beneficial and off-targets by integrative functional genomics

miRNAS, lncRNAs & exosomes in cancers for diagnostics and therapeutics

Metabolomics of biomedical conditions
Dr.J.Rajendhran Assistant Professor,Department of Genetics
Microbial Genomics


Human Microbiomics

Host-pathogen interactions

Antimicrobial drug discovery  

Microbial Genomics


Human Microbiomes

Host pathogen Interactions

Next-Generation Sequencing Applications

Genomics and Antimicrobial drug discovery.
Dr.G.S.Selvam Professor & Head, Department of Biochemistry
Medical Biochemistry
Environmental  Biochemistry 

Recombinant Microbes as probiotics for therapeutic applications

Proteomic profiling of cardiac arrhythmia

  Biomarker Discovery for cardiovascular diseases &oral cancer 
Dr.S.Chandrasekaran Professor & Head, Department of Plant Sciences

Invasion Ecology 

Invasion Ecology

Plant Invasion studies

Plant- mosquito interaction

Molecular Ecology  
Dr.T.Jebasingh Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Sciences

Plant Virology

Small RNA Biology

Plant Genomics and Molecular Biology


small RNA Biology

Protein modeling, expression and purification.
Dr.K.Balakrishnan Professor & Head, Department of Immunology



HLA Typing

Immunogenetics & Molecular Immunology of diabetes, chronic kidney disease, etc

Dr.M.Jayalakshmi Assistant Professor,Department of Immunology

Immunology of Infectious Diseases

Immunology of autoimmune Diseases


NK cell biology

Immunogenetics of the Infectious diseases including AIDS

Immunogenetics of breast cancer

NK cell receptors in various diseases  
Dr.M.Murugan Assistant Professor & Head,Department of Microbial Technology




Human Microbiome 

Therapeutic Enzymes

Microbial Metabolites

Biosurfactant mediated pathogen control  
Dr.V.Shanmugaiah Assistant Professor,Department of Microbial Technology

Molecular Plant -Microbe Interactions

Antibiotics encoding genes  from microbes

Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles from microbes

Plant defense mechanisms

Molecular plant –microbe interactions and bio-resources from microbes

Antimicrobial mechanisms of metabolites

Purification and characterization of microbial metabolites against plant and human pathogens
Dr.M.Hussain Munavar Professor & Head, Department of Molecular Biology

Bacterial Genetics

Molecular Genetics

Genetics/Molecular Biology of Transcription control in Escherichia coli

Genetic Regulation by and of Proteases in E. coli

Genetic regulation of Mutagenesis & MDR in E. coli
Dr.U.Ramesh Assistant Professor,Department of Molecular Biology

Molecular Taxonomy of Freshwater Fish


Fish Nutrition and Diseases

Molecular Taxonomy of Freshwater Fish

Fish Immunology

Toxicological investigations using fish models

Fish Nutrition and Diseases
Dr.S.Kathiresan Assistant Professor,Department of Molecular Biology

Plant Molecular Biology

Microalgal Biotechnology 

Plant Genomics & Metabolic Pathway Regulations

Molecular Stress Physiology of plants

Genetic Engineering of crop plants for High Value PUFA production  
Dr.S.Ramasamy Assistant Professor,Department of Molecular Biology

Molecular Cardiology  

Regulation of gene expression during Cardiac hypertrophy and Heart failure.

Role of Environmental and Genetic factors on the development of cardiovascular diseases

Mitochondrial dynamics during Cardiac Hypertrophy and Heart Failure

Molecular aspects of Diabetic Heart
Dr.R.Shankar Assistant Professor & Head,Department of Animal Behavior & Physiology

Behavior and physiology of mammals.

Pheromone Biotechnology  

Chemical Ecology 

Sexual behavior of mammals

Chemical ecology and olfactory signals  
Dr.C.Amutha Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Behavior & Physiology

Endocrine disruption-Reproductive impacts

Bioremediation using nano-technology


Growth Factors in Angiogenesis

Aquatic organisms as models  for nano-toxicological studies

Impact of Growth Factors in Angiogenesis

Detection of Xenobiotics using molecular enzymes as biomarkers

Impact of trace level toxicants on aquatic organisms
Dr.K.Jayakumar Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Behavior & Physiology

Climate change Impacts on Coastal Organismal Biology

Marine Bio-prospecting- Drug Discovery


Environmental Impact Assessment

Climate change Impacts on Coastal organisms including coral reefs and associated fauna.

Climate change mediated impacts on Ocean Acidification on coastal organisms.

Bioprospecting- Marine bio-resources using nanotechnology.