School of Biological sciences (SBS) of Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) is offering M.sc Genomics program for 18 years with best possible hands on training in the country. Recognising i) the student training at M.Sc., and Ph.D., level, and ii) Research accomplishments in the area of Genomic Science, UGC has recognized SBS as Centre for the Excellence in Genomic Sciecnes (CEGS). The School has world-class research equipment, infrastructure with the modern equipments to carry out research and research trainings in the areas of Genomics including Human / Microbial / Biomedical / Plant / Animal / Environmental Genomics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Computational Genomics, etc. The equipment and infrastructure worth of more than Rs. 100 crore has been established through the support of various Departments of Govt. of India including UGC, DBT, DST, CSIR, SERB, ICMR, ICAR, DAE, and BRNS. The curriculum is designed to orient the students for solving the real world problems and to augment the Application / Pproduct oriented research training. In the CEGS, student would get the opportunity to learn and get trained ad-midst of 100 research scholars and ongoing projects worth Rs. 50 crores. The students of M.Sc Genomics are well placed across the globe and frequently interacting with the current studensts and creastes a best environment of learning. Whole and targeted genome / transcriptome / miRNA / lncRNA profiling to understand the biology, computational / genomic / biological modeling, development of diagnostic and therapeutic leads, screening of thousads of drugs for targeted therapy, screening of hundreds of bacterial /fungal isolates, lead optimization, are some of the ongoing research investigations in the School and this being an awesome ecosystem in this part of the country and the M.Sc. Genomics students get the opportunity to begin their research career in such a vibrant atmosphere.


More than 75% of the course duration involves hands-on sessions and M.Sc Genomics is a research oriented course. Needless to say that Genomic Methods being completelely dominating in all the areas of modern life sciences and in the recent years, complexities in biology and medicine are well understood with genomic technologies. Genomics data being major component of current Big-Data. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Computational Genomics are the current and future areas of modern research with considerable career and job oppurtunities. The ongoing million genome sequencing projects in all the countries across the globe, microbiobiome sequencing, environmental genome sequencing, single cell transcriptome sequencing, epigenome landscaping and usage of genomics in clinical decision making are a few examples of the current trends and projects across the globe. M.Sc Genomics students are trained to be master in all these areas with intensive theoretical and application knowledge. Also students are encouraged for a whole semester project which would yield a research finding from their hands and also a research publication. It is worth indicating that M.Sc Genomics program is a world-class M.Sc program and students Perform well in any research lab across the globe. Out track record shows that 165 of 250 M.Sc Genomics students have opted for research career in India / Abroad, in the last 10 years. M.Sc Genomics students get placed in leading Institutions in India, USA, Germany, UK, Singapore and other countries.


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