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The School of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, had a humble origin in the early 60’s as the postgraduate extension centre of the Zoology Department of the Madras University at Madurai. The man in command was Prof. S. Krishnaswamy, popularly known as SK, was the founder, dreamer and a visionary. He conceived the idea of teaching Biology as an integrated discipline since the totality of the living state is more important than studying animals or plants in isolation. When the PG extension centre became the Madurai (later Madurai Kamaraj) University in 1966, SK founded the Department of Biological Sciences, the first integrated department in the country. Just a decade later, the Department of Biological Sciences was elevated to a School of Biological Science (SBS) on the recommendation of the University Grants Commission (UGC) Expert Committee.

The UGC had recognized the School of Biological Sciences for continuous support through several levels of assistance such as COSIP, DRS, COSIST, DSA (Phase I, II and III) and Centre of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Functional Genomics (Phase I, II & III), Centre with Potential for Excellence in Genomic Sciences (CEGS) (Phase I and II), and also through Networking Resource Centre in Biological Sciences (NRCBS Phase I & II). 

It is worth to mention that four of former faculty members had received Shanthi Swarup Bhatnagar Award for their work carried out at School of Biological Sciences. Also, the School has made 8 FASc, 7 FNA, 5 FNASc, 2 FAM and 2 TWAS Academy Fellows and 4 TANSA Awardees.  Earlier, SBS had offered M.Sc., Integrated Biology program from 1969 onwards, and later, for the first time in the country, introduced M.Sc., Genomics program with the support of UGC. Subsequently, the M.Sc Genomics program was supported by DBT, Govt. of India through DBT-IPLS program.

School of Biological Sciences has significantly contributed in the area of Genomics and Life Sciences. Through M.Sc Genomics program, we have set the foundation for more than 250 students and of them, 165 students subsequently enrolled for their Ph.D at leading Institutions in India and abroad after completing M.Sc Genomics at Madurai Kamaraj University. In the last 5 years, the School has published 350 research articles with 171 publications of impact factor >2 and 67 students have been trained to obtain their Ph.D. degree from School of Biological Sciences.

School of Biological Sciences is the UGC recognized Centre with Potential for Excellence in Genomic Sciences (CEGS) and functions with the following missions: i) To profoundly enrich the teaching and research training in the area of Genomics and various areas of Biological Sciences with highly improved infrastructure and equipment facility, ii) To conduct the M.Sc., programs as research oriented course with 75 % focus on experimental / research methods with the training to solve the real-world problems with genomics and an array of biological / biochemical / microbial / molecular / proteomic / metabolomic technologies, iii) To engage in cutting-edge research in genomics and different areas of biological sciences and to develop globally competent Ph.D. students, iv) To offer consultancy services to the hospitals, diagnostic labs, biotech industries, and drug discovery labs, and v) To function as Bioincubator facilitating the support of start-ups, which all aiming to culminate with the orientation of students for solving the real world and research problems, development of the technologies and products for further applications and translational investigations. These being achieved through the parallel focused research investigations in the directions of Genomics, Biomedical Genomics, Computational Genomics, Microbial Genomics, Plant & Animal Genomics, and High-throughput drug repurpose / microbial / metabolite screening and lead development to make significant contribution in the area of disease diagnostics and therapeutics.  


M.Sc. Courses offered by SBS:

The School offers

M.Sc., in

i) Genomics

ii) Microbiology

iii) Biochemistry

iv) Microbial Gene Technology.

Ph.D. programs offered by SBS:

i) Biology

ii) Botany

iii) Zoology

iv) Genomics

iv) Genetics

v) Biochemistry

vi) Microbiology

vii) Microbial Technology

viii) Molecular Biology

ix) Plant Science

x) Immunology 

xi) Biomedical Science.